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We run one weekly class, training a syllabus of self protection and fitness.

JKD Gym, Park Road, Ripley

Classes are open to all skill levels aged 16 and over
Our classes is fitness / self protection driven utilising techniques from various arts.
You will learn core techniques from Boxing and Muay Thai as well as proven
Self Protection designed to be effective after one class.

Our training is perfect for beginners and also a highly effective addition
to other martial arts styles and is designed to be easy to pick up and retain.

Classes include various fitness drill to improve your stamina and effectiveness.
Its here where you sweat - bring water and wear appropriate training clothes
We reccomend joggers, shorts, t-shirts (no football shirts or offensive logos)
Trainers are worn during all classes (no bare foot).

If you wish to attend our classes please call me beforehand at the contact details
found HERE so I can give you advice prior to training and go over class details.