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Our classes are a mix of self protection and fitness. Fitness is our first technique, without it all the training, drills and technique are worth nothing. Even the most accomplished martial artist, if unfit, wouldn't stand a chance in a real life scenario. Our fitness drill encorporate and compliment our self protection helping to build up the right muscle mass in the right places. We do not train for show muscles, rather go muscles.

We train hard, but not to hard and everyone is encouraged to progress at their own level. However you will be expected to continually push yourself beyond your comfort zone. But not to the detriment of your training and personal life. We encourage you to develop your fitness outside of class time with the help of specially developed drills and techniques that can be done pretty much anywhere with little or no equipment. Details of these drills can be found via the download below.

Our fitness drills encorporate techinques and principles from a wide range of diciplines and sports. We are continually striving to be at the cutting edge of fitness training. We try anything once and keep anything that works. Drills cover a cross a wide range of types, based around Strength, Stamina and Endurance, with and without equipment. All are designed to achieve results and build stamina. We activly encourage students to develop and introduce their own fitness drills and equipment, and if they work encorporate them into our syllabus.

As a rule of thumb we apply the following philosophy to our fitness training: If it is hard, it works.
Personal Drills
Personal Training Pack Download (Click to HERE download PDF Format)