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Self Protection is the core of all out technique training. Complimented by both our fitness syllabus and basic techniques from Boxing, Muay Thai, Clinch and Grappling. Our techniques are based on real life scenarios developed by people who have applied them under duress, i.e in real situations.

Self protection is 90% Awareness and 10% Technique. All our training is designed to help you avoid violent situations, and if unavoidable deal with them quickly and effectively with minimum force. All our techniques are easy to learn and retain, and can be applied in a range of situations. Our training is based around a confrontational map helping you to spot danger before it arises, avoid it and if needed, neutralise it. We actively train pre-emptive striking as a effective and legal use of force in violent situations.

By its nature self protection training is not for the faint hearted. It deals with violence and the worst parts of human nature. But denial is not the answer, in our classes we face up to the reality of modern day life. In order to understand it and deal with it we examine crime trends and train accordingly. Every technique and drill is pressure tested in class in as close to real life conditions as possible, taking in to account every eventuality. Giving you the best chance of survival and escape if needed. Our techniques have been proven to work in the worst situations.
Self Protection